Why Choose Us?

Iron-Nique Sdn Bhd is a leading Warehouse and Retail Solution in Malaysia. We are the one stop center for storage and shop equipments of all kinds. Our many years of experience and huge storage capacity, we have the ability to come out with solutions for (almost) all problems and expectations for all our customers. Iron-Nique puts customer satisfaction as one of our highest priorities.

We are a motivated team of experts that specializes in warehouse and retail solutions. We work well with short timelines and offer a variety of services. With a full fleet of vehicles and drivers at our disposal, we have the ability to offer flexible and fast delivery and service at acceptable prices.

The biggest advantage when purchasing from us is that all our products are priced
reasonably and we also have low-priced alternatives. Our warehouse solutions are insured under the product liability insurance scheme for RM5,000,000 against the cause of manufacturing defect.

We look forward to working with you and exploring new opportunities ahead!