Cantilever Racking System

Key Advantage
  • Ideal for the use of horizontal space
  • Suitable for the storage of bulky items such as furniture or long items like steel, rod, tubes or timber
  • Storage of products with different length and size

Cantilever is designed to efficiently store long-length stock and is suitable for both outdoor and indoor goods facilities and work sites. It provides a flexible solution for various applications, including double-sided and wall access setups.

One of the key advantages of Cantilever is its ability to allow quick and easy height and width positioning of goods. This flexibility enables users to adjust the system according to their specific storage requirements, ensuring efficient utilization of space. The system is particularly well-suited for storing long bars, wood, tubes, pipes, and other similar items. The cantilever design eliminates the need for vertical supports in the front, allowing for unobstructed access to the stored goods. This makes loading and unloading easier and more efficient.

To enhance safety and secure storage, the Cantilever features a permanent stopper on the storage arms. This stopper prevents items from sliding off or falling during handling and storage, ensuring the protection of both goods and personnel. Additionally, the adjustable arms of the Cantilever can be placed at suitable levels, maximizing the utilization of vertical space. feature enables efficient storage of long-length stock while minimizing the footprint required for the rack system. Overall, the Cantilever offers a flexible and economical solution for the storage of long-length stock, providing easy access, safe storage, and efficient space utilization.