Medium Duty Racking System

Key Advantage
  • For medium weight products
  • For different rotation products that requires manual picking storage

Medium Duty Racking System is a type of shelving system that offers a solution for storing items with greater span length than what traditional boltless shelving can accommodate. It is designed to provide a balance between storage capacity and structural stability. Compared to boltless shelving, Medium Duty Racking System shelving requires fewer frames due to its ability to span longer distances. This means that you can maximize your available storage areas by utilizing longer shelves without the need for additional support structures in the middle. One of the key advantages of this shelving is its flexibility in terms of customization. You have the option to choose and adjust the shelving materials according to the specific requirements of your products. This allows you to optimize the storage space for different types of items, whether they are large, bulky, or have varying dimensions.

The versatility of this shelving makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, including warehouses, industrial facilities, retail environments, and archives. It provides a sturdy and organized storage solution for items that may be too heavy or bulky for standard shelving units. By utilizing Medium Duty Racking System shelving, you can efficiently store and retrieve your products while maximizing the use of available space. This type of shelving system is particularly useful when you need to store items that are larger or have irregular shapes, enabling you to customize the shelves to accommodate your specific needs.

In summary, Medium Duty Racking Systemshelving rack offers the advantages of reaching greater span lengths, requiring fewer frames, and providing customization options for shelving materials. It is a versatile medium-duty shelving solution that optimizes storage space and can handle a variety of products efficiently.