Very Narrow Aisle Racking System

Key Advantage
  • Suitable when SKU volume is high and space is limited
  • High-density storage with complex orders

Iron-Nique’s Very Narrow Aisle Racking Systems are meticulously designed to prioritize durability and safety while maximizing storage capacity for customers with limited space. These systems feature aisles that are only slightly wider than the loads being stored, allowing for efficient use of the vertical space, often the roof height, within a facility. This racking system maintains 100% accessibility to all stored goods, ensuring quick and easy picking rates and flawless stock rotation. This accessibility is crucial for optimizing inventory management and minimizing handling time. Additionally, the system provides excellent goods protection, ensuring that stored items remain secure and undamaged.

To complement the Very Narrow Aisle Racking System, specialized forklift trucks are employed. These forklifts are designed specifically for narrow aisle operations and come with either man-up or man-down cabins. Man-up cabins enable operators to reach higher beam levels and access goods safely at elevated heights. Man-down cabins, on the other hand, allow operators to remain at ground level while the forklift raises and lowers loads, improving efficiency and ergonomics.

By combining the Very Narrow Aisle Racking System with suitable forklift truck equipment, Iron-Nique offers an exceptionally competent solution for customers who require high-density storage with optimized accessibility and efficient material handling capabilities.