Double Deep Pallet Racking System

Key Advantage

Fit for low SKU products that are distributed in high volumes. When the same SKUs are in groups of pallets before being dispatched

The Double Deep Racking System is designed to maximize storage capacity by allowing pallets to be stored two deep in a single-entry rack or four deep in a double-entry rack. This means that each pallet position can hold multiple pallets, effectively doubling or quadrupling the storage capacity compared to standard racking systems. The Double Deep Racking System is especially useful in situations where the throughput, or the rate at which pallets are moved in and out of the rack, is low. It is not ideal for scenarios where fast movement of pallets is critical because accessing the rear pallets requires moving or removing the front pallets.

To handle the double-deep racking system, a special type of reaching truck is used. This reaching truck is equipped with a double pantograph or extendable fork mechanism. These features allow the truck to reach deep into the rack and retrieve or store pallets from the rear positions. By extending the forks or using the double pantograph mechanism, the truck can access the pallets without the need to move the front ones.

Overall, the Double Deep Racking System is an efficient solution for maximizing storage capacity in low-throughput environments, where rapid pallet movement is not a critical requirement.