Picker Ladder

Key Advantage
  • Height adjustability
  • Double brake system
  • Employee safety
  • Convenience and efficiency
  • Customizable options

Picker Ladder is a specialized cart designed for use in warehouses where items are stored on shelves of varying heights, and frequent picking and shelving operations are required. It is specifically designed to provide safety and convenience for employees involved in these tasks.
Here are some key features of a Picker Ladder:

  1. Height adjustability: Picker Ladders are available in different height versions to accommodate the varying rack heights within the warehouse. This ensures that employees can easily reach items on different shelves without straining or risking
  2. Double brake system: The ladders on a Picker Ladder are equipped with a double brake system. This feature prevents accidental free-rolling and enhances employee safety during operations. The brakes provide stability and secure positioning of the cart while employees climb the ladder to access items on higher shelves.
  3. Employee safety: The double brake system on the ladders is designed to minimize the risk of accidents and ensure optimum employee safety. By securely locking the cart in place, it reduces the chances of unexpected movement and potential falls while working at heights.
  4. Convenience and efficiency: Picker Ladders are designed to make picking and shelving operations more efficient. With the adjustable height feature, employees can quickly and easily access items on different shelves without the need for additional equipment or time-consuming adjustments.
  5. Customizable options: Depending on the specific requirements of the warehouse and its operations. It can often be customized to meet individual needs. This may include additional features like storage compartments, tool holders, or adjustable shelves to accommodate different types of items.