Jumbo Boxes Series

Jumbo Box is jumbo-sized, solid & durable, designed to hold 405 litre. Made of high class PP, Jumbo Box is highly resistant to chemical and safe for liquids and chemical drugs, as well the ideal container solution for storage, load and transportation of foods, confectionery, agricultural products, and other industrial materials.

1. Extremely Strong & Solid bottom support design
2. Chemical resistance and safe for liquids and chemical drugs
3. Forklift and lift truck accessible
4. Stackable
5. Optional with Lips

Way to Use
1. Using Power Stacker
2. Using Hand Pallet Truck
3. Using Forklift

Customisation Options
1. Labelling (Individualised logos & lettering)
2. Personalised Colour (Selection from a wide range of colour)
3. Hot stamping of Sequential Numbering

1. Industrial Equipment
2. Automotive Components
3. Hardware
4. Metal Parts
5. Plastics & Rubber
6. Tools


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