Agriculture, Marine & Poultry Series

This series of box features a well-ventilated design for the cost-effective chilling, freezer storage and distribution of vegetable, fruit, meat, seafood and poultryfrom central processing facilities to grocery retailers or direct to consumer. Our AGRICULTURE , MARINE & POULTRY boxes are ideal for a variety of applications within the supply chain.

Value Added Features
1. Stackable & Nestable to maximise transport & storage space
2. Washable & Easily Cleaned
3. Ventilated design for easier cleaning, drainage & maximise the air-flow
4. Comfortable handle design for easy lifting and handling

Customisation Options
1. Labelling (Individualised logos & lettering)
2. Personalised Colour (Selection from a wide range of colour)

1. Leafy Vegetables
2. Fruits
3. Seafood
4. Poultry